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This website is about the Westland City Fire Brigade in all its functions and facets. On this site, you can find information (Stations, vehicles, personnel etc.), news, our history, general information and more. Please take a moment to look around on our site and sign our guestbook.

With kind regards,
Mark van den Beukel, Fire Chief WCFB

Who are we?

The WCFB is a Fire Department located in Westland City, the middle of LEGO® County and has both full-time aswell as volunteer firefighters and staff.
With over 13 stations and numerous fire engines, we provide fire coverage and prevention in the Westland region and it's surroundings. Westland City is a very large city with industrial areas, an international Seaport with large rail emplacements, an international Airport and a very busy City-center. All this activity make our job a real challenge and therefore we have a very high standard for both personal and equipment. The WCFB has several specialized Divisions and a lot of special equipment to provide the best service and coverage for some of these more demanding areas.

Some of these specials are: Hazardous materials units, Airport firetrucks, Special rail-fire engines, Container movers, Marine Division with a very modern fleet of vessels ranging from large to small, Air-Division with it's fleet of helicopters and planes for firefighting, medivac/rescues, reconnaissance and much more.


To give the best possible fire-protection to the citizens of Westland City and the LEGO® State, the WCFB is very proud, to be a member of the International Association of LEGO® Fire Departments, the IALFD, as department nr.76.
This is a mutual aid organization of Fire Departments in LEGO® State.
All fire fighters and staff members of the WCFB have the option to join the International Association for LEGO Fire Fighters (IALFF), a Union/Organization to protect the interests of our personnel and their families.


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